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Affordable Kitchen Remodeling

Marin Remodeling & Maintenance matches your budget with your kitchen remodeling vision. We work with local businesses to make your food space goals a reality. Our expert design team build affordable custom kitchens to suit your specific needs. From immaculate presentation and installation to our attention to your employee’s long-term safety and productivity— we do it all.

We are a fully licensed and insured remodeling contractor with years of experience planning, preparing, and implementing gorgeous culinary spaces that contribute to the health and growth of your investment.

During a free consultation, our hand-selected kitchen renovation contractor will learn the unique specifications of your kitchen remodeling project in greater depth. Our forward-thinking designs, quick turnaround times, and high-quality building materials allow us to create truly breathtaking finished results that won’t break the bank.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling Services

A commercial food prep area can satisfy any number of business requirements from industrial kitchens, to restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals, rental properties and more. The sky is the limit when you partner with us for any or all of our full suite of kitchen remodeling services for businesses of all sizes. These include:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Building codes and permits
  • Safety certifications

Don’t Overlook Small Commercial Kitchen Design

Overlooking details during the planning stages can turn the best intentions into a construction nightmare. A good small commercial kitchen design makes a big difference. Getting it right, right from the beginning is our secret to completing renovation work (of any size) on time, and on budget.

Designing a commercial kitchen together allows you to fully explore all of your options knowing you are getting superior craftsmanship, low rates on the best materials, and streamlined results.

Kitchen Remodeling Services 2

Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Your Business

Your business is growing and may need to be updated to reflect a higher volume, or you might be looking to add value to your company by investing in custom kitchen cabinets. Maybe you’d like to duplicate an existing cupboard or replace broken shelving with something that is better suited to the space. Whatever your reason for a cabinet makeover, we provide guaranteed solutions that withstand the test of time and work beautifully within your business for years to come.

Choose from an endless variety of classic and modern styles, hardware, finishes, and functionality. You won’t have to compromise when you work with us, we complete the manufacturing ourselves so we know everything will fit just right.

On installation day, our technicians arrive with all of the tools, advanced technology, products, and equipment we will need to get started right away.

Explore Your Commercial Kitchen Flooring Options

Waterproofing, hygiene, and non-slip qualities make our commercial kitchen flooring a durable, long-lasting choice. Top-quality materials and low prices will make completing your kitchen renovation fast, painless, and easy. We offer unbeatable value and exceptional installation service on the following floor types:

  • Commercial ceramic tile flooring
  • Vinyl floors
  • Stone and natural tile floor options
  • Brick pavers

A Top-Rated Kitchen Renovation Company

While we know we are not the only kitchen renovation company in town, we pride ourselves on being among the most highly recommended. One of the things that set us apart from the rest is our dedicated staff who listen, keeping you up to date throughout the whole process. You’ll never have to worry about which permits you’ll need for what, we make sure you’re prepared ahead of time.

Imagine the possibilities with a qualified renovation contractor today. Give us a call to set up an appointment for a kitchen remodeling consultation and to receive a free estimate.